Big Ron's is now offering a new convenience option that benefits both the cook (Big Ron) & the customer (lucky you!).  Often
times we receive requests where timing just does not work, and we have to tell the client, "I am sorry to say, we are not
available that day/time"  Rather than just accept this we have decided to offer an alternative of re-heat and serve Big Ron's

We will cook several cases of meat at one time, allow meats to rest and reabsorb natural juices, slice or pull, put in pans with
lids and freeze for later use.  To ensure juiciness and flavor is maintained, we pour all drippings from the product cooked into a
gravy separator.  This allows us to re-distribute the natural aujus flavor of the meat and discard the excess grease which
floats to the top of the gravy separator.  We add the lid, date/label the pan, and into the freezer it goes.

When you the customer wants a pan(s) of delicious slow smoked brisket, pulled pork, chicken, sausage, baked beans etc.  You can
place an order; receive the pan(s) of meat along with re-heating instructions making it convenient to serve day or night.  Going
out of town, picnic, potluck dinner, game time, tailgating, hosting out of town guests etc?  No need to resort to fast food to
feed your guests.  You can now plan accordingly to serve quality food on your time.

*We still offer traditional catering, drop off and full service cooking on site service as well if this is preferred.